Journeys of Sustainability – a Handbook on Sustainable Tourism

This handbook was designed in order to achieve two main goals: to present a Europe-Asia project on sustainable and responsible tourism and to provide a toolkit for future projects with the same type of cooperation and covering such topics as sustainable development, responsible tourism, community development, environmental awareness, intercultural communication and capacity building among youth.

This source can be used when leading an Asia-Europe project for young people and not only. In the same time it can be useful for projects operating in other geographical contexts as it raises and discussesquestions that are vital for the environment and development of the whole world.

The concept of the project discussed in this handbook is based on the use of informal education tools for learning about sustainable development, focusing, in particular, on sustainable tourism. The readers are introduced to the combination of ways in which young people can acquire knowledge about principles of sustainability. In particular those ones, which very often are left not acknowledged because they happen sometimes subconsciously, like learning through emotions or while participating in banal practices, such as consuming or cooing food.

You can download the Book here, or read it online: