Ready to Jump Again

irakli1That’s me on the far left, trying to jump (that’s what I call ‘A Jump’) and I love it, reminds me that in order to enjoy the life you don’t need to be perfect. Trying your best, that’s what matters.

I’m Irakli Pipia, an anthropologist from Georgia working in Estonia. I research museums and how they influence/adapt/change environment around them.

Latvia. It’s a first time visit for me. I saw lots of places, but paradise really catches my eye for one reason: the owner tried to incorporate his place into a local tradition and make it integral part of the region. 10 km South-East from Balvi on the road is the sign Paradizes and you can see from the road couple of farm houses and vast area with nicely cut grass. That all looks a bit too touristy but everything becomes more integral when owner came and introduced us to himself. irakli2

He tried to talk how important is his house and at first I thought yes one more touristickally packaged place and I hate it. After all I’m a tourist, not stupid. And then interesting thing happened when you talk with the owner you understand that he really believes in legends of the place and his place in it.

He said that at this place is a crossroad of water and fire energies and that even white witches are coming to this place to recharge their energies. Then he personally showed all the exact spots and looked at us while we were standing there asking with eyes “do you feel the energy?”


Guest bedrooms are hand painted and food cooked in front of you. Later I was swinging under the tree and this relaxation finally worked on me. My road exhaustion was all gone. Only several days later, when I was asked to pick one place from Latvia to describe it,  I realized one thing: maybe this place has supernatural powers indeed! The ones that drive witches to paradise.  Or may be going natural all the way is that supernatural thing nowadays.

Anyway, I’m ready to jump again.



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