Sustainability of Love

Latgale is sustainability of love for life and the people. That’s what I think about experiences in these few days.

How we perceive life is wonderful thing, the things that we take for granted in everyday life keeps us surprising when we visit somewhere new. The fresh water, the flowers, the grass in uncut field, the national folk dance or just the nightly football game between friends. Right know while I am one my way home I think about the culture, about the nature, about the place where we live, the place that is given to us. When we step out of our perceptions about what we can do in our everyday life we start see more, to receive more.

From these days in Latgale I will take with me the joy of life, of living, the love to Latvian culture, to my heritage, to nature that surrounds us and the proudness of Latvia what they gave me, to the human that just passed through their lives.

Thank you Latgale for these wonderful days!

Ance Timane, Youth worker from Latvia From Aizputes IDEA HOUSE


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