Moving towards sustainable development

This is Sushma Tamang from Nepal. I have been working as a volunteer coordinator in the Volunteers Initiative Nepal since a year. I have completed my Masters Degree in Business Administration from London. And I came back to my country and started working in the social, non profit organisation that is working for empowering the marginalised community through different programs. As I am associated with the VIN I have got the opportunity to attend the training Journeys of Sustainability Project organised by the Erasmus. And here the journey starts towards sustainable development.

I’ve been very interested of sustainable development programs however the meaning of sustainability was different for me. This experience allowed me to understand the sustainability and how we can sustain the development sectors through many ways economically, environmentally and socially and spread the strong messages for future generations. The training was interesting and useful. They conducted the training differently starting with the introduction seminar of Project along with excursion of the cities who are effectively working on the base of sustainable development with their practices and stories of Entrepreneurs with their business, cultural programs how Latvians are preserving it and sustaining and workshops trainings. And the brainstorming session was conducted after experiencing all the programs above. So, every participant could generate the ideas according to their perception and perceiving nature too. I think this is the perfect way to discover and develop the ideas. Our training was meaningful, valuable, and appreciated.DSC_8361

I received much more knowledge about sustainability on tourism sector and myself than expected. I met a lot of wonderful people here Irish, Vietnamese , Cambodians, Myanmar, Philipino, French, Australians, Estonian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Italian. This was my best and amazing experience of my life. I really created a strong friendship with the other participants. I deeply thanks to the host organization for this experience. Thank you so much Journeys of sustainability for giving us an opportunity to be part of your a beautiful project where I got chance to learn many things with such a beautiful and lovable persons. The excitement and curiosity ends here with the very effective learning of sustainable development and developed the enthusiasm to work for the sustainable development.DSC_8753

My journey will never end here,This experience will help me to move towards the sustainable development.


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