Innovation and tradition can walk together

It is a shock for me to see that young people can make fun in the museum.

In Balvi I discovered a wonderful way to generate interest and desire to see, learn about and explore the museum is complemented with modern means of expression. Balvi Museum offers so many technological possibilities that when you are entering the museum, immediately there is a wish to look at and try Traditional music and folklore. View video projections, try a touch screen, and try the large chairs from which comes the music. They have thought of everything – comfort, design, information, and the ability to introduce in the attractive way.

Balvi Museum connects the ancient and modern, that attracts not only young people but also adults. It is a great asset to preserve heritage and bring it up to today’s so very busy visitor. In my opinion, this museum has become an example for other cultural values. Try to connect tradition with innovation, without losing its value and you will succeed.

Paula Lauma Jakobija, University of Latvia, Faculty of Economics and Management, 1st year student.

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