From Scratch with Modern Knowledge

I hit the pride of the Latvian people in show off their wealth: infrastructures, first of all but also the extension of spaces rich in green in Latgale of which the potential still seem all to explore and where public transport are still to be structured to facilitate commercial connections and mobility of people (hopefully sustainable) in the territory.

Then, I appreciate their ability to create local in craft project and to take care of their territory. And they seem willing to give up an intensive economy way.

I think it could be possible.

In Latgale people can start from scratch with modern knowledge on sustainable development models.

In other places of the world, however, the lack of care and attention to the territory in the past has produced major environmental disasters. Disasters to which it is now very difficult to repair.

Environmentalists say that to pollute just an hour, to reclaim an area takes years and many financial resources. It is why it is important for Latvian people to choose the development model carefully with as little environmental impact. And this is only one aspect of the so-called sustainability we love.


In Campania, in southern Italy, where I live and work, for example, people try for years to remove tons and tons of waste disposed of in the outskirts of Naples – illegally dumped before and then with government authorization past 30 years- but it is difficult to bring the condition of the land to the splendor of the past and think of a new model of economic development without the conditioning of the organized crime.

There aren’t projects for that. Politicians announce interventions in proximity of elections but often are not realized because there is not enough money.

Or the real interest in doing so, it is easier to believe.

In some little areas of the north of Naples agriculture it has been banned because of pollution, and only recently some infrastructural projects have improved the quality of sea water in other many areas. So a bad reputation of Campania region, well known abroad for garbage and mafia, penalize Economics and tourism development.

So in my opinion talk about sustainability in South of Italy today means to combine innovation and tradition to find a new way to live spaces and respect territory and local community issues.


I Work in a group “Il vagabondo” which deals in responsible tourism and our goal is to change Naples in the eye of people from abroad showing them the beautiful side of the city. This vision for my group is taking shape by organizing events that show tourists the double face of the city and promote this concept on our website. We do not deny the existence of problems, but we activate paths of knowledge problem but we activate paths of knowledge correct on the real nature of the city. Naples is very rich in art and culture, but above all of people who love their city and make it a special place. To live and to visit.

So despite the lack of cleaning initiatives the Campania region remains, nevertheless, one of the most beautiful places in the world with its culture and wealth of monuments, natural and archaeological sites.

A process so penalizing for Italian communities could be averted in Latvia also thanks incubator of new businesses University of Latvia we visited.

I hope that the local community can safeguard their interests without giving in to the lure of easy investment and at the prospect of jobs. They knows that It would be a short-sighted choice.



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