“Job Shadowing Vietnam and Myanmar”

Job Shadowing: Centre for Sustainable Development Studies, Vietnam.

My stay in Vietnam allowed me to participate in various extremely interesting activities. First, I was invited to join a workshop together with CSDS president Mr Phuong. The workshop was intended to bring together all Irish Aid grantees for 2014-2015 to network and discuss common issues organisations are currently facing during project implementation.

CSDS is currently implementing the project Youth Drivers for Change, targeting youth leaders of community based organisations from Hanoi and got a special permission for me to attend the workshop in Hoi An, which was a unique experience. Some Laos organisations also had been invited and this was a chance to get an overview on the Laos NGO panorama, hoping to engage with the country soon.
After the workshop I took advantage of the few days left in Hanoi to visit the office and deliver a training in needs-based approaches for some youth leaders currently being trained by CSDS.

Job Shadowing 2: Charity Oriented Myanmar
My last visit to Myanmar dated back to 2010. Since then, the country has undergone some major changes. The most known ones are the political ones but they have mostly impacted the social and economic life of most people. For one thing, there are no restrictions to car importation as there were. This, together with the fact that motorbikes are not allowed in Yangon, means that cars abound in the capital with the obvious consequences for moving around.
Charity Oriented Myanmar gave me the chance to visit the project Strengthening Leadership and Political
Awareness of Women in Potential targeting mostly young women from minority groups and deprived areas. This visit gave me the chance to meet many of the leaders COM has been training and visit COM office in Tangyi, where I also met with community leaders and could appreciate all the efforts COM staff has been making to bring real change to the country.
Abel Polese

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