“Journeys of sustainability” – Home for a Number of Participants

It is amazing how some first time interactions might become a start for fruitful long-term cooperation; how travelling around and experiences of others might become an inspiration for yourself and people surrounding you; how hospitality and warmness of people might open your eyes for new things, new projects.

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Is the quest for the authentic sustainable?

dsc09524Journeys of Sustainability took me around the northern part of Vietnam, providing a glimpse of what landscapes and life in the country can be. Staying in several home-stays in villages, a hostel in Hanoi and on a wanna-be-fancy boat in Ha Long Bay, I was given a chance to enjoy cultural performances, engage in discussions with other participants and our hosts and collect brief observations of realities along the way. The intense experience provided time, space and material to reflect on the hopes, motivations and the actions of people engaging in tourist activities, especially in places they consider exotic. As the journey went on it became a reflection on the intersection of quest for authenticity and sustainability.  Continue reading Is the quest for the authentic sustainable?

Tourism and Local Traditions


It was the community spirit in the traditional dances and songs in Balvi that impressed me the most in this trip. They organised a special show that was meant to be the end of school year get together, which should have involved only children. The number of performing groups grew larger and eventually involved people of all ages. It was easy to see their joy in dressing up in traditional clothes and that they were having a great time performing to the special audience, which were easily outnumbered by the performers.

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Ready to Jump Again

irakli1That’s me on the far left, trying to jump (that’s what I call ‘A Jump’) and I love it, reminds me that in order to enjoy the life you don’t need to be perfect. Trying your best, that’s what matters. Continue reading Ready to Jump Again


An Australian in Latvia

I’m from Australia but I moved to Cambodia five years ago.  Having grown up in the western world, living in Southeast Asian presented me with a very different lifestyle and new experiences.  Sydney and Siem Reap are significantly different places to call home, being at virtually opposite ends of the development index. Continue reading An Australian in Latvia


From Scratch with Modern Knowledge

I hit the pride of the Latvian people in show off their wealth: infrastructures, first of all but also the extension of spaces rich in green in Latgale of which the potential still seem all to explore and where public transport are still to be structured to facilitate commercial connections and mobility of people (hopefully sustainable) in the territory.

Then, I appreciate their ability to create local in craft project and to take care of their territory. And they seem willing to give up an intensive economy way.

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Sustainability of Love

Latgale is sustainability of love for life and the people. That’s what I think about experiences in these few days.

How we perceive life is wonderful thing, the things that we take for granted in everyday life keeps us surprising when we visit somewhere new. The fresh water, the flowers, the grass in uncut field, the national folk dance or just the nightly football game between friends. Right know while I am one my way home I think about the culture, about the nature, about the place where we live, the place that is given to us. When we step out of our perceptions about what we can do in our everyday life we start see more, to receive more.

From these days in Latgale I will take with me the joy of life, of living, the love to Latvian culture, to my heritage, to nature that surrounds us and the proudness of Latvia what they gave me, to the human that just passed through their lives.

Thank you Latgale for these wonderful days!

Ance Timane, Youth worker from Latvia From Aizputes IDEA HOUSE


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Faces of “Journeys of Sustainability

We are the faces of “Journeys of Sustainability” in the world. We’re from Cambogia, Nepal, France, Italy, Georgia, Vietnam, Filippine, Ireland (altri da aggiungere).

We stood up one by one and people applauded for each of us. Today we felt very important people in the music hall of Briezciema in which the

the local office responsible for tourism has arranged for us a big surprise: a show with traditional songs and dances staged by women and men of different ages: grandparents, parents and children, in practice. We have seen different generations working together. It was interesting for us and we said that to them. They did not know yet they’re a great example of sustainable development. Now yes.



The European Commission support for the production of this publication does not constitute an endorsement of the contents which reflects the views only of the authors, and the Commission cannot be held responsi­ble for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.


Moving towards sustainable development

This is Sushma Tamang from Nepal. I have been working as a volunteer coordinator in the Volunteers Initiative Nepal since a year. I have completed my Masters Degree in Business Administration from London. And I came back to my country and started working in the social, non profit organisation that is working for empowering the marginalised community through different programs. As I am associated with the VIN I have got the opportunity to attend the training Journeys of Sustainability Project organised by the Erasmus. And here the journey starts towards sustainable development. Continue reading Moving towards sustainable development


Innovation and tradition can walk together

It is a shock for me to see that young people can make fun in the museum.

In Balvi I discovered a wonderful way to generate interest and desire to see, learn about and explore the museum is complemented with modern means of expression. Balvi Museum offers so many technological possibilities that when you are entering the museum, immediately there is a wish to look at and try Traditional music and folklore. View video projections, try a touch screen, and try the large chairs from which comes the music. They have thought of everything – comfort, design, information, and the ability to introduce in the attractive way.

Balvi Museum connects the ancient and modern, that attracts not only young people but also adults. It is a great asset to preserve heritage and bring it up to today’s so very busy visitor. In my opinion, this museum has become an example for other cultural values. Try to connect tradition with innovation, without losing its value and you will succeed.

Paula Lauma Jakobija, University of Latvia, Faculty of Economics and Management, 1st year student.